Tips to Effectively Clean Your Home to Fight Against COVID-19

In today’s world, it appears as if it can take something really appalling to shock us and help us come together as one. The outbreak of the Coronavirus Disease 2019 appears to have had just that effect. Within a couple of months, people have been urged to rethink physical distancing, cleanliness, social interaction, and several other parts of their everyday lives that most of them took for granted. Thankfully, most of these were possibly a long time coming, however, some have completely caught us off guard. Proper hygiene is among the greatest ways to protect you and your family to effectively counter the virus. To further help you with that, we will be giving you a few cleaning tips to assist you to make your space always clean throughout the pandemic.  

Trust the laundry 

During a pandemic, the laundry can be your first friend. Coronavirus apparently cannot survive to be washed in a laundry machine with detergent in it. Hence, take this chance to use it to your advantage and wash all of your clothes or linens that you can wash. Not only that, but you can also wash items like pillows, towels, bedding, drapes, and rugs. But just make sure that they are labeled as laundry-safe. 

Use proper techniques and products 

It is vital to keep in mind that cleaning does not only involve a brief wipe-down with a bleach wipe. It is also about reading all the products’ instructions for beginners since some of the products are required to sit on a surface for some time if you really want to clean them right.  Cleaning first indicates removing visible dirt with water and soap and disinfecting surfaces with an effective cleaning solution that can stop viruses and kill germs in their tracks. If you plan to use alcohol to fight viruses or germs off, guarantee to use at least 70% alcohol. Or else, it won’t provide the effect that you want. At times, cleaning tips are all about guaranteeing that you can remember to follow the techniques and instructions you have learned for years. 

Disinfect and clean high-touch surfaces every day 

Surfaces are the first thing a lot of people consider that are mostly flat and large—tables and countertops are commonly on top of their lists. However, these aren’t the only things that can be thought of as a part of high-touch surfaces. One of the best cleaning tips is to keep in mind that high-touch surfaces can be several things, which include tablets, phones, remotes, doorknobs, switches, and several other technology parts that may be touched every day by several people. This cleaning method is among the best defenses against the virus.  

Fighting COVID-19 is a must if you don’t want to get infected with it. If you want to successfully do it, you can start by following the tips listed above. But if you still have questions about this topic or you want to learn more, you can always visit our page for more insightful articles or you can book for professional house cleaning Gilbert services today.