Should You Clean or Replace Your Flooded Carpet?

A lot of factors can determine whether your carpets must be removed completely. Keep on reading this article to know more regarding deciding whether to just clean or totally replace your carpet after water damage. Here are the factors that you need to look out for: 

Condition and age 

The previous condition of your carpet is something your need to take into consideration when it comes to flooded carpet cleaning or replacement. Carpets that were already outdated and old before the flood might not be worth saving. Rather, you need to replace it with a new carpet. A new carpet won’t only look appealing, but it could be less pricey compared to employing someone to clean it.  

Water source 

All sources of water aren’t equal and it is something that you should think about upon determining whether to replace or clean your carpet. When the water damage is caused by sewage-contaminated water, floodwater, or a toilet backflow, then make sure to remove the carpet immediately. On the contrary, you might not have to replace your carpet when the damage is due to potable water.  


Another factor you must consider here is how long the water has stayed on your carpet. Basically, the longer the water sits, the worse it can get. It’s highly recommended that the cleaning procedure must begin not exceeding 48 hrs. after the water damage. Or else, you need to consider buying a new carpet and cutting your losses.  

Amount of water 

After your carpet is flooded, you need to first check how much water does you it absorbed. The more water that has seeped in your carpet’s subflooring and pad, the more difficult it’ll be for a professional carpet cleaner to clean and dry the carpet. It can be challenging for a property owner to detect whether the amount of water is sufficiently considerable to guarantee replacement. However, hiring a carpet cleaner can help you determine what to do about it.  


Listed below are the following reasons why you should not wait too long to book for carpet cleaning and restoration service to deal with your damaged carpet as soon as possible: 

Worsening damage  

Not only water can damage the carpeting itself—but it also absorbs into the subflooring and flooring, where it could result in substantial rotting. Contacting a carpet cleaning Gilbert specialist right after you can observe any noticeable damage on your carpet would be the best thing to do. An expert carpet cleaner will remove the carpeting or dry the area to guarantee that there is no other long-term damage and no rotting. 

Health concerns 

Development of mildew and mold is usually caused by water damage, particularly when the water sits under your carpeting for some time. All of such mold could be a dangerous health risk, particularly for those who already have current respiratory conditions. To prevent acquiring any health issues, then it’s best to act fast to replace or clean your carpet.