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Dinosaurs & Prehistoric Mammals

Code NameImagePrice Availability  
sch14501 Schleich Apatosaurus (Minis)Schleich Apatosaurus (Minis)  $9.75 IN STOCK
sch14504 Schleich TriceratopsSchleich Triceratops  $4.49 IN STOCK
sch14505 Schleich Saichania (Minis)Schleich Saichania (Minis)  $13.59 IN STOCK
sch14506f Schleich Quetzalcoatlus (Minis)Schleich Quetzalcoatlus (Minis)  $8.50 IN STOCK
sch14508k Schleich Stegosaurus (Minis)Schleich Stegosaurus (Minis)  $12.50 IN STOCK
sch14509 Schleich VelociraptorSchleich Velociraptor  $4.49 IN STOCK
sch14510 Schleich DilophosaurusSchleich Dilophosaurus  $5.84 IN STOCK
sch14512 Schleich Allosaurus 2006Schleich Allosaurus 2006  $5.84 IN STOCK
sch14556i Schleich Blue Marlin New for 2005Schleich Blue Marlin New for 2005  $19.75 IN STOCK
sch16404u Schleich StegosaurusSchleich Stegosaurus  $19.95 IN STOCK
sch16405u Schleich CeratosaurusSchleich Ceratosaurus  $19.50 IN STOCK
sch16411v Schleich SaichaniaSchleich Saichania  $19.99 IN STOCK
sch16420w Schleich Sauropelta - Retired 2004 OWSSchleich Sauropelta - Retired 2004 OWS  $24.99 IN STOCK
sch16454 Schleich Tyrannosaurus Rex - New for 2007Schleich Tyrannosaurus Rex - New for 2007  $21.99 Temporarily
Backorder Preference
during Checkout.
sch16458 Schleich Brachiosaurus - New for 2008Schleich Brachiosaurus - New for 2008  $27.99 IN STOCK
sch16461 Schleich Saichania - New for 2009!Schleich Saichania - New for 2009!  $16.99 IN STOCK
sch16523w Schleich Wooly Mammoth BabySchleich Wooly Mammoth Baby  $9.99 IN STOCK
sch14526 Schleich Styracosaurus - New for 2013Schleich Styracosaurus - New for 2013  $17.31 IN STOCK
sch14527 Schleich Carnotaurus - New for 2013Schleich Carnotaurus - New for 2013  $17.99 IN STOCK