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  2014 CollectA Releases
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Dinosaurs & Prehistoric Life

Code NameImagePrice Availability  
c88642 CollectA Carcharodontosaurus - New for 2014!CollectA Carcharodontosaurus - New for 2014!  $20.39 IN STOCK
c88643 CollectA Stegosaurus Corpse - New for 2014!CollectA Stegosaurus Corpse - New for 2014!  $6.99 IN STOCK
c88654 CollectA Ichthyovenator - New for 2014!CollectA Ichthyovenator - New for 2014!  $9.35 IN STOCK
c88655 CollectA Quetzalcoatlus w/Prey - New for 2014!CollectA Quetzalcoatlus w/Prey - New for 2014!  $8.99 IN STOCK
c88660 CollectA Xenoceratops - New for 2014!CollectA Xenoceratops - New for 2014!  $7.59 IN STOCK
c88034 CollectA VelociraptorCollectA Velociraptor  $5.95 IN STOCK
c88036 CollectA Tyrannosaurus RexCollectA Tyrannosaurus Rex  $7.59 IN STOCK
c88037 CollectA TriceratopsCollectA Triceratops  $7.59 IN STOCK
c88039 CollectA PteranodonCollectA Pteranodon  $6.79 IN STOCK
c88060 CollectA EustreptospondylusCollectA Eustreptospondylus  $7.59 IN STOCK
c88061 CollectA AugustinaCollectA Augustina  $7.59 IN STOCK
c88106 CollectA NeovenatorCollectA Neovenator  $7.59 IN STOCK
c88108 CollectA AllosaurusCollectA Allosaurus  $7.59 IN STOCK
c88118 CollectA Tyrannosaurus Rex - New for 2012!CollectA Tyrannosaurus Rex - New for 2012!  $7.59 IN STOCK
c88131 CollectA SpinosaurusCollectA Spinosaurus  $9.35 IN STOCK
c88137 CollectA DilophosaurusCollectA Dilophosaurus  $7.59 IN STOCK
c88139 CollectA HydrotherosaurusCollectA Hydrotherosaurus  $7.59 IN STOCK
c88141 CollectA ParasaurolophusCollectA Parasaurolophus  $7.59 IN STOCK
c88143 CollectA AnkylosaurusCollectA Ankylosaurus  $7.59 IN STOCK
c88145 CollectA IguanodonCollectA Iguanodon  $7.59 IN STOCK
c88147 CollectA StyracosaurusCollectA Styracosaurus  $7.59 IN STOCK
c88197 CollectA Tyrannosaurus Rex BabyCollectA Tyrannosaurus Rex Baby  $3.39 IN STOCK
c88198 CollectA Stegosaurus BabyCollectA Stegosaurus Baby  $3.39 IN STOCK
c88202 CollectA Parasaurolophus BabyCollectA Parasaurolophus Baby  $3.39 IN STOCK
c88220 CollectA AmargasaurusCollectA Amargasaurus  $7.59 IN STOCK
c88221 CollectA BecklespinaxCollectA Becklespinax  $7.59 IN STOCK
c88222 CollectA CryolophosaurusCollectA Cryolophosaurus  $7.59 IN STOCK
c88223 CollectA LexovisaurusCollectA Lexovisaurus  $7.59 IN STOCK
c88224 CollectA NothronychusCollectA Nothronychus  $7.59 IN STOCK
c88225 CollectA OlorotitanCollectA Olorotitan  $7.59 IN STOCK
c88226 CollectA PachyrhinosaurusCollectA Pachyrhinosaurus  $7.59 IN STOCK
c88227 CollectA ShunosaurusCollectA Shunosaurus  $7.59 IN STOCK
c88237 CollectA LiopleurodonCollectA Liopleurodon  $7.59 IN STOCK
c88239 CollectA PolacanthusCollectA Polacanthus  $7.59 IN STOCK
c88240 CollectA RebbachisaurusCollectA Rebbachisaurus  $7.59 IN STOCK
c88246 CollectA AgustiniaCollectA Agustinia  $20.39 IN STOCK
c88247 CollectA AnkylosaurusCollectA Ankylosaurus  $17.99 IN STOCK
c88248 CollectA BaryonyxCollectA Baryonyx  $20.39 IN STOCK
c88249 CollectA Pteranodon 1:40 ScaleCollectA Pteranodon 1:40 Scale  $17.99 IN STOCK
c88250 CollectA Spinosaurus 1:40 ScaleCollectA Spinosaurus 1:40 Scale  $20.39 Expected Availability

Late May / Early June